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Specialty Food Items

Copeland Family Farms, LLC in Grenada, CA supplies a nice line of healthy and natural raw pet foods through our country chef pet food store. Whether you need fresh veggies, Amish food products or halal meats, we have it in stock.

We Offer the Following in Specialty Items:

Amish Herb Seasoning 7oz. Shaker-At LAST! You have been asking for our special seasonings in a shaker bottle and we have them for you at a reasonable price. Fresh herbs and spices, over a dozen different spices and herbs; including garlic, pepper both red and black, etc. Sprinkle on ground chevon for great burgers, rub on roasts for the best roast ever! This was given to our owner by an Amish lady who raised goats herself.

Our plastic shakers have a red top with wide holes and a spoon able side as well! 

Amish herb seasoning

Basket of Goat Milk Soaps and Salve-Back by popular demand is our special Goat Gift Basket, this time with the added bonus of FREE SHIPPING! The basket contains:

1-Grandma Schlemmer's salve/ all natural salve from a 150year old recipe, used to heal sores that won’t heal well with other slaves, and as a drawing salve
4-Goat milk soaps
1-Woven basket, plastic wrapped, with a big bow  

Free shipping basket of soaps

Chevon Marinade 10 Ounce Bottle-If you like it hot and spicy, this marinade is for you! Our special marinade is available in 10 ounce bottle. This all natural marinade makes meat loaf-marvelous! This is our extreme spicy hot marinade, not your average marinade! 

Chevon marinade 10 ounce bottle


Halal Meat

Pepper Stick, 8 Ounces, 4-6 Sticks-Our Very popular pepper stick, but in an 8 ounce sticks. No greasy taste, no guilt sausages! 

New pepper stick

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