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Fine Quality Meats and Livestock

Here at Copeland Family Farms, LLC, we sell USDA goat meat that is farmed on high mountain grasses and naturally grown hays. Our farm doesn’t grain the goats and they are plump and shiny. What’s more; we also sell naturally grown Mediterranean lamb as well as complete grass-fed beef and
fully-natural bison.
We ship our USDA meats coast to coast and do not sell on principle anything that we may not be able to serve ourselves.

Meats/Livestock We Carry:

  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Goat (Chevon)
  • Lamb 

  • Pork
  • Rabbit
  • Sausage
  • Squab

Special Delicacies and Meats:

Chevon 8 Bone Racks, 1 per Package, Frenched Halal-We sell an eight rib, juicy young goat rack, two racks per package. These are what the 5 star restaurants want from us all the time. You buy direct from the PRODUCER and buy at the same price the stores want us to wholesale to them for. We had decided to try this new cut, and what a special treat it is. Juicy with a sweet, mild flavor, these racks are for special occasions, served in Brennan’s of Houston’s, The Grange in Sacramento and other 5
star restaurants.

Chevon 8 bone racks

Chevon Chops, Bone-In 4 Chops, Halal-Traditional chops from our young, milk fat kids. Tender and succulent, only the best! Our Certified American Chevon is from our “Partnership for Excellence” goats, raised all-naturally on high mountain meadows with no grain or artificial feeds. These goats meet our strict standards, under 7 months and over 80lbs. milk-fat kids. This is the leanest, healthiest goat meat you can buy. We GUARANTEE our meats to arrive frozen at your door when shipped FedEx Express, and our meats to be the highest quality chevon your family deserves. Don’t settle for auction yard goats or imported goat, insist on Certified American Chevon!

bone in 4 chops

Chevon Gift Basket, FREE SHIPPING-We have a special supply of Christmas or Holiday gift baskets: All baskets are unique and individual. Chevon Sausage Basket includes 8oz chubs of summer and jalapeno sausage plus a pepper stick package. All three are in a woven wood basket with red crepe paper, wrapped in shrink wrap and with a big bow, $15 each. Shipping is included in the price. For local pickup or multiple baskets shipped to one location, call for order. 

Chevon gift basket

Chevon Hearts, Halal 2 Each-This is a very good goat heart, two per package. 1/2 off 

Chevon heart and halal

Gift Box of Goat Meat, 3lbs Sausages-Looking for that unique, healthy gift that no one else will give them? We are offering a limited number of goat meat sausage gift baskets this year for your family, friends or business associates. Each sausage package is normally $7 each, but you can get them gift wrapped for only $5 each! Only $30 a basket! This basket is 2 each, consisting of:

8 ounces each Jalapeno sausages
Pepper sticks, 8 ounces each
Summer chubby sausages

Each basket is hand woven, filled with red crepe paper, shrink wrapped with a pretty bow.

This gift box is for ONE basket, shipped USPS in a priority box. We make these just prior to shipping, the sausages are frozen prior to shipping, but are shipped in a USPS box, and do not need to be kept frozen. Price includes shipping. If you would like two shipped to the same address, use GIFT-2 to get
free shipping. 

Goat meat and sausages

Goat Feet- These are all four feet, cleaned and skinned; of goat. As far as I know, we are the only source of this delicacy. 

Goat feet in water

Jalapeno Goat Chub, 8 Ounces Each- These are our best chub ever, as agreed by our family unanimously! Low fat, no greasy aftertaste, try these and see. We will have them on special to get
YOUR opinion. 

Jalepeno goat chubs

Summer Goat Chub- The “No Guilt Summer Chub”; very lean and light, no greasy after taste. This is the same great summer chub, only in smaller size. 

Summer goat chub

Come to Us for Eggs

When you need good eggs and dairy products at affordable prices, then come to our farm or place
an order.